Ginori 1735

Manifattura Ginori 1735 was founded in 1735. Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori have established the workshop at the family estate Docca then. Soon this beautiful porcelain gained fame to become generic term: even today many Italians use "Ginori" when talking about exquisite dishes and tureens, regardless of the brand.

Starting from Autumn 2020, the manufacture enterprise is working under a new name and a unique brand style – Ginori 1735. The new name reflects the company's rich heritage and the peerless mastery in handling porcelain and changing tastes and lifestyles of the next generation of consumers. Today, 285 years after its inception, the Richard Ginori family includes 300 artisans who use their hands to continue the history of the esteemed brand. The company knows well that porcelain is enlivened only when the creator slowly and lovingly breathes life into it.

Now you should not go Florence to purchase a real Ginori. The interior of Ginori 1735 store in Petrovsky Passage is reminiscent of Italian palazzo and features carved wood panels on the walls, bulky crystal chandeliers and old fireplace. Here you can purchase dishes, vases, famous decorative figurines an order a custom-made family set with nominal stamp.