In 1967, jewelry workshop, employing just 15 people was opened in via dei Piatti in Milan. Pomellato sells over 50 thousand jewelry pieces per year today. Classic models are repeated from season to season, and new collections follow one another to meet fashion trends. The world has no other similar embodiment of exclusive ready-to-wear jewelry, created for everyday wearing. There is surely no similar variety of colors & gems’ palette. Pomellato is worthy non-conformism offspring that never betrayed its cherished mission of creating women's high quality jewelry which is not binding at the same time.

Its beautiful name, characterizing the style of the products, is inspired by an elegant breed of horses. Pomellato style is easily recognizable. It is about rounded, original and at the same time simple design, massive gold and large colored gems like diamond, aquamarine, agate, topaz, turquoise. Pomellato have turned jewels into something casual. They ceased to be luxury articles showed on rare occasions. Women longed for it as they want to adorn themselves every day & minute.