Pal Zileri

Rich in history and traditions, Forall Confezioni Spa was founded in 1970 in the province of Vicenza by two Italian entrepreneurs Gianfranco Barizza and Aronne Miola, working in the textile and clothing industries. Their business grasp led to the creation of the concept of a "democratic atelier". "Forall" was meant as clothing "for all". Ten years later, in 1980, they introduced the new brand of luxury menswear Pal Zileri, embodying the same basic principles. Its collections combine the tailoring skills, the bright spirit of modernity and innovative vision. 

The union of the past and the present marks the new era for Pal Zileri brand, which started in 2014 with the arrival of the Mayhoola Group, the new owner of the company. Pal Zileri rethinks men's fashion in an innovative way and starts a new page in its development. In July 2017, Rocco Jannone becomes the new creative director of the Pal Zileri and LAB Pal Zileri.

Pal Zileri clothes are still produced in Italy, at its own factory in Quinto Vicentino. This time-tested choice has allowed to maintain a constant dialogue between experience and innovation, creativity and a new vision, the present and the future. The desire to transform ideas into concrete results, creating elegant and, at the same time, offbeat clothes. Experienced craftsmen produce each piece of clothing with great care, using complicated sewing techniques. Each collection is about over 1000 different fabrics, developed at the famous weaving factories exclusively for Pal Zileri brand.