«I'm designer for people. Many have customers and I have fans.

They buy my clothes and know everything that happens in my life.

The best designer’s award is people who want to wear his clothes».

Jeremy Scott

Moschino is always a bit of a game. It is a theatrical performance for the ones who have excellent taste and self-irony sense. Clothes by the founder of the brand Franco Moschino differed from the high-fashion standards. Strict classic silhouettes were supplemented by unexpected and bold pompoms and bows, painted by funny inscriptions or decorated with flowers and hearts. A collar of teddy bears, a print in the shape of a cow on a bell-skirt, a hat with Mickey Mouse ears. Over the time fashionable outrageous was recognized even by the objects of Moschino jokes.

An extravagant American Jeremy Scott known for his works for pop-stars, Adidas & Longchamp creates the collections for Moschino fashion house today. He treats the heritage of the brand well. His works are full of irony which multiplies the army of the fanciers of the brand worldwide.