Family values have always been of crucial importance for Bosco di Ciliegi. They got visual embodiment in a new Bosco Casa direction. Cozy home as one of the components of family happiness: Frette in GUM became a part of this large-scale project.

Frette mono-brand offers everything for the exemplary family home, which is never affected by the outer storms and adversities. There are soft feather pillows, embroidered lawn pillowcases, snow-white sheets, silk bedspreads, cozy robes, towels and many other useful things.

Just like 150 years ago, jacquard is the hallmark of the brand. The craftsmen of the company create real masterpieces of this fabric. Also, the boutique in GUM provides service of making customized Frette products, as the development of family coats of arms is a special pride of the Frette Company.

The history of the company dates back to 1860. It was awarded the title of supplier of the royal court a little bit later. Frette name is synonymous to luxury and comfort since then. Frette fabrics were used in the decoration of such legendary transatlantic liners as "Titanic" and others, as well as in the carriages of the fashionable "Orient Express". Nowadays, luxury suites of the best European hotels are just unimaginable without the products of the company.