«ETRO is not only the brightest and the most cheerful Italian brand.

It’s the whole amazing world».

Girolamo Etro

This is the most ironic of all fashion brands. The witty combination of strips & checks, polka dots & paisley coupled with cashmere & corduroy, velvet & silk along with the incredible Etro color accents are about the melody of Federico Fellini clownery. In spite of the incredible brightness, ETRO designers show the amazing ability to create things without pattern obsessions. They are not annoying, but on the contrary, elating and pleasing to the eye. Paisley pattern, brought by the founder of the brand Girolamo Etro from India, his favorite country, is the recognizable symbol of Etro brand. It is variously interpreted in creative labs of the brand, painted in offbeat colors, "imprinted" into the moonlit trails, sprayed like crystal "frost" over embroidery. It is surely the musthave of all branded collections.

Etro is a family owned company. Creative union of four Girolamo Etro’s children is its basis. Veronica is creative designer of women's collections, Keane is creative director of men's collections and advertising campaigns, Jacopo is responsible for creating Etro Casa line and fabrics, and Ippolito is the executive director of the brand.