Dior Institut
"I want to make women not prettier, but happier"

                                                                                                Christian Dior 

Being faithful to the vow of the Grand Couturier, Dior Institute offers unique services that stop the passage of time and combine visible results & infinite pleasure.

Dior Back Massage is the first offer within each treatment, alternating drainage and deep pressure techniques. This stage of recovery improves muscle fibers’ energy and restores youthful silhouette due to the harmonious formation of the correct posture. Your body straightens and gets beautiful outlines.

Dior Prestige Grand Facial Treatment is the legendary treatment, enriched with new exclusive techniques - accented and rhythmic impact on specific zones, comparable to face fitness, preceded by warming the skin with a warm towel. This unique customized skin care ritual embodies all the values ​​of the Dior Institute giving instantly visible and tangible benefits and energy renewal.
Dior Prestige Contour Perfection restores face line with a series of special techniques. Cheeks’ skin is suppled and toned. Lifting effect is instant, face line is clearly outlined.

Thanks to a unique technique of kneading movements Dior Prestige Radiant Smile smooths and increases lips’ volume, making the lips more sensual. The result is enhanced with the stimulation of the buccal muscles.
Dior Prestige Luminous Eye relieves muscle tension between the eyebrows and stimulates the eyelid muscles that seem taut and open. Massage of the upper part of the face fixes the results obtained due to the vital strength of the forehead and scalp muscles. Eyes are shining and radiant, their youth is revealed.

Dior microdermabrasion treatment is the premier of the renewed Dior Institute. A unique device with sapphire microcrystals provides instant radiance and long-lasting effect due to the elimination of skin defects achieved through the oxygen saturation via vibration-dynamic impact, as well as active penetration of the product for a smooth and radiant skin.

All the treatments having visible rejuvenating and relaxing effect are aimed at giving the peace of mind, self-confidence and energy renewal. The new Dior Institute offers make-up, manicure and pedicure service to complete your beauty transformation. Welcome and Make up zones offer all care & perfume lines as well as new makeup collections, which can be purchased to prolong beauty experience by Dior.

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