Brooks Brothers

«We do not try to be at the forefront of fashion,

the development is more important for us.

The principles we adhere to will be the same tomorrow.

Of course, we are encouraged by what is happening around every day,
but we try to create something that is always urgent».

Claudio Del Vecchio,
Brooks Brothers President

They filled ladies’ and gentlemen’s wardrobes with polo shirts, "Madras" checks and lozenges’ prints, turning preppy style into a fashionable trend. Elitism, neatness and comfort of Brooks Brothers clothing proclaimed 195 years ago, ensured loyalty of almost all American presidents from Abraham Lincoln to John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Now, business suits & classic shirts, to which Andy Warhol has spent his first honorarium, the famous double-sided bowties and casual clothes can be bought in Russia at Brooks Brothers stores in GUM & Aviapark mall.