Antonio Marras
«My business is freedom which is the most valuable thing I have.
It gives me the right to create paying no regard to other people’s opinion.
Such freedom is expensive in terms of energy, time and attention, of course.
But there are too many advantages».

Antonio Marras

The founder of the brand Antonio Marras has accounting education. He was supposed to head the family-run drapery. However, this fact did not prevent him from releasing the first collection of ready-made garments “Piano Piano Dolce Carlotta” in 1987. He was creative director of Kenzo for eight years, established his own brand and became the one who is called «more than just a designer.»

His clothes are created for the modern aristocrats, skillfully balancing on the edge of exquisite vintage style and modern trends. The designer’s skill reaches its highest point in the game of fabrics and textures featuring offbeat & beautiful shades. A wide range of «ill treatment» of a thing by Marras includes tearing, matting, painting, inlaying with salt and so on. It gives birth to the most unusual designer’s tricks and helps to create incredibly beautiful collections.

Each Antonio Marras show is an experiment, a catwalk is a stage for amazing and unexpected events, and clothing interacts with the scenery creating the air. Each of his outfit is a work of modern art. Antonio Marras apparels provoke lots of emotions because the designer himself puts a lot of emotions into his creations.

He is not a romantic or a cynic, not a pragmatist or a crank. He seems to be from another planet: he does not prone to artists’ depressions and has no ailments inherent in well-known people. Antonio Marras lives his own life. He has a big family, a long love for the only woman and of the only place on earth, the island of Sardinia. This very place is the source of strength & energy for him.

The world’s first Antonio Marras mono-brand store was opened by BOSCO DI CILIEGI in Moscow’s Petrovsky Passage in 2005. The grand Antonio Marras show dedicated to this event was held in VDNKh’s Fishing Showroom. Antonio Marras fashion show was held in the scenery of the sunken Atlantis: the oversized fisherman’s household items chimed in with the mood of the collection’s theater experiments.