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20 September
Bright Fall in GUM
Bright golden autumn came to GUM: maples with lush yellow and orange leaves are on the lines, the famous fountain in the center is decorated with huge ripe pumpkins for the first time.
Over two tons of bright berries - spotted and striped, round and elongated, bright lemon and beige, green and pink - were needed to decorate the giant pyramid. 50 shades of autumn – you should certainly make a shot. 
Rich in vitamins A, E and K, selenium, phytosterols and linoleic acid, pumpkin is the necessary product in the run-up to the long winter to in order to disrupt the regular attacks of cold and beriberi. You should certainly enjoy this dietary and healthy product: the most delicious pumpkins in Moscow can be found in Gastronome No 1! 
And see you in the center of GUM near the fountain! 

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