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27 September
Etro Dandy Detour: FW 2018/19 men’s collection
Etro invites on a journey through his private life and collected memories. A curious and complicated man, he’s a fervent traveler with a strong connection to his roots: a bubbling mix between David Bowie and Bruce Chatwin with a splash of Epicuro. He encapsulates the true Etro man: wild, but intellectual; soft but bold.

The Dandy’s home is a monument to his eclectic life - an accumulation of the collections and curiosities picked up on his wanderings across the globe. As you walk along the winding path of his private domain, touch, interact and feel at home as you travel deeper into his environment.
The fabrics of the Fall are characteristically decadent. Block-like prints can be traced back to Navajo weaving, Persian textiles and Celtic tapestries are reimagined on wool coats or evaporate, degrade-like on parkas and bomber jackets. 
Jacquard is used heavily this season: on graphic wool blazers and long coats adorned with winding foliage. Gingham shirts are fabricated with sustainable eucalyptus fibers and feel as soft to the touch as pure cotton.  The symbolic vocabulary of Etro is carried throughout the collection: the iconic paisley print is embroidered wing-like on the back of wool coats, scattered on the velvet bombers, or scarred onto the leatherjackets.

Patchwork motifs return on boxy canvas coats and soft blazers patterned with squares of velvet, boiled wool and tapestry-like jacquard. Natural imagery is introduced: blazers and turtlenecks are printed like tree bark, cloudy marble or the swirling turquoise Malachite rings. 

Colors move across the spectrum, but remain rich and vibrant: from midnight blues, to royal purples, fuchsia and amethyst.

Footwear this season includes worn-in leather work boots, embroidered corduroy loafers and calf skin desert boots with wide buckles.

The collection is already available in Etro boutique in GUM. See you!  

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