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1 May
Scenic look by Max Mara

Max Mara Shantell Martin's exclusive capsule collection (MM / SM) released in a limited series of 1000 copies has already appeared in the branded stores. Each rim is decorated by a unique fragment of the work of the famous artist Chantell Martin "Prism in Motion".
Martin's method is simple: she sketches the chain of associations that arises in her head at the mention of a certain concept or phrase. "Prism has become the starting point this time: I thought about triangles first, then about squares, and finally about their flowing and dissolving in space," the artist says.
That is how the laconic work of art made by the branded black felt-tip pen which is completely in tune with Max Mara aesthetics has appeared on the canvas. The figure was divided into 1000 components and transferred to the rims of the glasses "cat's eye" form.
Each pair of glasses is unique - the only fragment of the work is used in its design.
"I have never thought about how a work of art, which you can simply wear, lives. Now I know: upon ceasing to be an element of the exhibition space it becomes a part of a real life."

You are welcome to try on & choose your glasses! See you at Max Mara boutique in GUM, Petrovsky Passage, Smolensky Passage & VESNA! 

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