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28 April
Weekend MaxMara: Spring-Summer 2018
Justifying its name, Weekend MaxMara traditionally calls to set on a vacation or a long weekend after a busy week. Traveler's suitcase is about loose linen trousers and blouses with flounces, striped culottes and shirts with over-sized sleeves, khaki shorts and fitted sarafans.
Inspired by colorful New Mexico, Boho-style tops and maxi skirts with ethnic embroidery deserve special attention. Tunics and cropped jeans’ turn-ups look especially perky.
Another bright motif is Aegean Sea capsule: wrap dresses, full-sweeps and tops with a delicate print in sky-blue hues with picturesque landscapes of Greek cities.
It is the perfect wardrobe not only for trips, but also for walks around the city, dates and even business meetings - in fact you can slightly modify strict office dress code in summer.
See you at the branded stores in GUM, Smolensky and Petrovsky Passages and in the new flagship in VESNA!
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