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11 July
Weekend Max Mara Chatmise: it’s all about cat family
Do not believe in omens: black cat is surely for a great day. Especially since it is a new capsule collection Weekend Max Mara, dedicated to this standard of grace and elegance. Presented within the Milan Fashion Week, Chatmise is named after the French words "chat" (cat) and "chemise" (shirt): an elegant animal appears in prints and stripes on the collars of classic white, blue & burgundy shirts, loose boyfriend shirt, romantic blouses in Victorian style with puffed sleeves and frills, summer polo-shirts and fitted dresses.
The collection is about seven articles, presented in white, soft blue and saturated wine shades - for "the one who walks by herself." Shape-retaining poplin with the harmonious combination of embroidery and appliques was chosen for the collection.
A gentle fluffy creature that has been popular with designers and women for a long time, embodies not only unsteady female nature, but also the style of Weekend Max Mara and the mood of a long, relaxed weekend, when you can get resst and plunge into the “nothing-to-do” air.
These are elegant articles that can be safely dressed to an office, to a romantic date or to a friendly get-together. Pay attention to the first articles of the autumn collection, which are in-store already. See you in the boutiques of the brand in GUM, Petrovsky and Smolensky Passages.
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