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21 February
Exhibition "The Great Silk Road"
They cannot be distinguished from oil paintings from afar. Just have a closer look to understand that these are the finest stitches, weightless threads playing with the iridescent rays of light. The Chinese Cultural Center in Moscow together with GUM present the exhibition "The Great Silk Road: the Art of Chinese Embroidery" held within the Chinese New Year Festival in GUM .
The gallery, located at the 3rd line of GUM hosts several popular genres: traditional huangyao ("flowers & birds"), shanshui ("mountains & water") and scenes from court and street life, as well as portraits and landscapes with perspective appeared under the influence of Western painting.
Different types of threads were used when creating the paintings: silk, velvet, wool & cotton. The craftsmen worked with art silk no more than 1.5-0.7 mm thick to transfer the smallest details.
As a result, the images are so lively and real that you can feel the aromas of flowers, hear the birds singing, be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, plunge into the atmosphere of the busy life of the old Chinese cities.
See you in GUM & 新年快乐 (xīnnián kuàilè, Happy New Year)!
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