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4 October
Exhibition “Fashion for the People! From Constructivism to Design”
In the year of the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution, the international exhibition "Fashion for the People! Fr om Constructivism to Design" runs at the 1st line of GUM with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.  It is timed to the opening of a new pop-up shop called SECTION - the first space in GUM, wh ere the items of only Russian designers are presented.
GUM SECTION is the mainstay of the new Russian fashion, and hence of the avant-garde, which draws inspiration from the amazing phenomena of the past to create the present.
The display "Fashion for the People" shows how a powerful and original avant-garde style - Russian constructivism, which struck Paris in 1925 - was born. This very direction has later become the basis for the creativity of many contemporary Russian designers, presented in the SECTION today, and the famous avant-garde Bosco Sport outfit, created for the Olympic Games in Rio.
The stands show rare exhibits from the archives of A. Rodchenko and V. Stepanova, from the collections of the ten leading museums of Russia, architectural fantasies from the ICIF foundation of the architect J. Chernikhov.
And, there is much about fashion, of course: there are over 40 reconstructions for theater, sports and fashion based on the sketches and shots of the legendary constructivists of the 1920s, in particular Nadezhda Lamanova, as well as modern creations of the famous designers of the 21st century.
This continuity of generations will be highlighted on October 4th at the grand opening of the SECTION in GUM: the designers will address the descendants of 2067, leaving the message in a capsule of time.
Pop-up store SECTION will work for 5 months to become a 3D showcase of the Russian fashion. SECTION includes not only the things created by Russian designers. The project immerses subjects into the cultural context in which the today's fashion and art figures live in Russia, arranging lectures, parties and exhibitions, one of which is already open for you.
See you in SECTION and at the exhibition "Fashion for the People" in GUM!

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