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1 May
The Contemporaries of Sovremennik Photo Exhibition

On April 29, GUM celebrated the opening of The Contemporaries of Sovremennik photo exhibition, featuring rare photos by Russian journalist and photographer Yuri Rost, as well as archive materials of Cherry Forest Festival and Sovremennik Theatre.

The Cherry Forest Open Art Festival and Sovremennik Theatre enjoy a special relationship. The theatre presented seven premieres at the festival. Many productions, directors, and actors of the theatre were awarded the Oleg Yankovksy Prize. Every jubilee becomes a brilliant celebration: the 50th anniversary of Sovremennik was marked with a fete at Chistyye Prudy, while the 60th anniversary was celebrated at Triumphal Square with suitable pomp and circumstance.

This year is marked by a double jubilee: Sovremennik and Cherry Forest Festival. The Moscow theatre and our Festival celebrate their 65th and 20th anniversary, respectively. Once again Cherry Forest Festival organized a glittering event: a grand photo exhibition, featuring materials from the archives of the festival and the theatre. Photographer Yuri Rost was invited to present rare photos in the exhibition.

The shopping line of GUM is divided into two equal parts: festival archive materials and Yuri Rost archive materials. In total, more than 300 unique photos can be viewed. The images capture many famous Sovremennik actors and directors: Galina Volchek, Tatyana Tarasova, Irina Antonova, Valentin Gaft, Marina Neelova, Revaz Gabriadze, Oleg Yankovksy, Oleg Tabakov.

Marina Neelova, People’s Artist of Russia:

“It is a gift to theatre lovers who can experience our life through the photos. We love this theatre and we will never forget the people depicted in these photos. At the same time, we move forward in the hopes of upholding the heritage of Sovremennik.”

Alexander Kibovsky, Moscow City Culture Department Director:

“Just five years ago we celebrated the 60th anniversary of Sovremennik at Mayakovskaya. Obviously, not all of those people who were at that celebration are with us today… How much we have lost over the past few years. We should value all the more the fellowship formed by Cherry Forest.”

Viktor Ryzhakov, Sovremennik Artistic Director:

“One notable historian stated that knowing history did not bring him happiness but did bring him prosperity. Let us prosper! Everything that we have passed in the past determines our future.”

Friends of the festival and theatre were present at the exhibition opening, many of them appear in the presented photos: Marina Neelova, Tatyana Tarasova, Mikhail Kusnirovich, Ekaterina Moiseeva, Stas Namin, Alexander Kibovsky, Marina Zudina, Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė, Leonid Yarmolnik. Evgeny Kuznetsov and Yuri Rost personally guided the guests through the exhibition.

The Contemporaries of Sovremennik exhibition is dedicated to the people who created the theatre as it currently stands. Edith and Mikhail Kusnirovich suggested the idea of presenting an exhibition to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the theatre.

The Contemporaries of Sovremennik exhibition is a unique opportunity to view rare photos of famous and beloved actors. The exhibition is open until May 31.

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