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16 April
Edvard Munch Art Show at the Tretyakov Gallery
The Edvard Munch exhibition, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Moscow, will take place at the Engineering Building of the Tretyakov Gallery from April 17 through July 14 as part of the 19th Cherry Forest Art Festival. Members of the media were among the first guests to enjoy the legendary masterpieces during the press-show.
The art show displaying the works of the internationally recognized Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch (1863-1944), one of the founders of expressionism, will be the first large-scale display in Russia of the artist’s creative work. The exhibition features most of his visual and graphic artworks, as well as signature photographs, and memorable objects from the Munch Museum in Oslo, that holds the world’s most extensive collection of pieces by Munch.
Besides the most expected masterpiece - the earliest version (1893) of the iconic Scream, the art show includes renderings from the artist’s essential cycles and series that he worked on throughout his life: The Dance of Life, The Kiss, Madonna, The Girls on the Bridge, Vampire, Puberty, and others.
The mission of the Moscow exhibition is to show the profoundness, the richness, and diversity of the artist’s legacy; to prove that Munch was not only the creator of the cult painting Scream but that he had also created a considerable corpus of artworks that defined the central tendencies of international art in general. The exhibition provides comprehensive chronological coverage of Munch’s legacy, including an insight to his latest artworks.
The art show also focuses on the cross-cutting theme – the influence of Fyodor Dostoevsky on the mindset and visual thinking of the artist. Dostoevsky and Ibsen were the favorite writers of Munch. On display are the books of the Russian writer and monographs about the latter from Munch’s library.
The art show occupies two floors of the Engineering Building and includes several sections that provide a classification of Munch’s artworks by theme, genre, and creative mode: Landscape, The Artist and the Model, Portrait, Self-Portrait, Graphic Art, Photography. The most significant section that constitutes the center of the exhibition is called The Frieze of Life. It combines the hallmark oeuvres of the artist: The Scream, The Dance of Life, Vampire, The Kiss, Ashes, Metabolism. Life and Death, and others. The artist called this cycle “a poem about life, love, and death”; he worked on it for 30 years. Munch wrote that the Frieze was conceived as a series of decorative works that together were supposed to depict a painting of life”.
The interpretation of these works is connected not only with the tragic circumstances of the artist’s life but with the search for hidden symbols, allegories, direct and concealed citations from art and literature.
The art show will take place at the Tretyakov Gallery: 12, Lavrushinsky Lane, The Tretyakov Gallery, Engineering Building.

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