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4 April
"In the beginning there was the dress!" - Bosco Ceremony exhibition at the line of Petrovsky Passage
Bosco Ceremony "In the beginning there was the dress!"  that runs in Petrovsky Passage until April 30th, unites eternal family values and modern fashion: celebs’ rarities are located next to the wedding dresses of the leading Italian brands, as well as famous Russian designers.

In the beginning was the Dress. She had the Dress on. And Her name was Love.

A white wedding dress is the symbol of the beginning, a blank page, the first page of a novel called The Family. The display "In the beginning was the Dress!" is aimed to show the starting point, the outfits that will always be associated with one of the happiest moments of life. Each of the dresses has its own story. Bosco Family friends Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov, Sati & Vladimir Spivakov, Natalya Shkuleva and Andrei Malakhov, Tatiana and Nikita Mikhalkov, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Chernyshov, Valeria and Iosif Prigozhin, Maxim and Alina Kashirin, Sati Casanova and Stefano Tiozzo, Elena Letuchaya and Yuri Anashenkov happily entertained a suggestion to share their wedding shots, outfits and memories.

Dmitry Peskov and Tatyana Navka

Tatiana Navka:
"Everything started with a dance. It was in 2010, at the birthday of a mutual friend. Mitya ran up and kissed my hand: "Are you Tatyana Navka? It’s very nice to meet you". And ran away. We met a year later - at the same birthday, and danced. I have long called him Dmitry Dmitrievich. Could not cross this line – only reverent "you". Probably everyone around us thought that we had been together for a long time, but I couldn’t. But he conquered my heart with elegance and perseverance. I was told recently: "There are women who decide themselves." This is definitely about me. Because since the age of seven, fr om the time when I rode across the city by bus for training at five in the morning, I always made my own decisions.
There were two wedding dresses: short one was created by Valentin Yudashkin, another, classic white one in the Provence style, was ordered fr om Edem. I designed the models myself and they turned out fabulous, just like I conceived: I saw myself as a white swan "

Nikita and Tatyana Mikhalkov

Tatyana Mikhalkova:

"I worked in the All-Union House of Models at the Kuznetsky Most in the 70’s. I lacked both weight and height, but thanks to the fact that Twiggy, a teenage girl, entered the fashion, Slava Zaitsev chose me during a casting. I always got the exit of a bride at the end of the show. Everything turned out differently in life. I met Nikita at the House of Cinema. He was taken into the army almost immediately after the acquaintance, and our correspondence started. And then I moved, and we lost each other.
Nikita found me by chance - he walked around high-rise buildings in Vernadsky Avenue with a friend and asked wh ere the model lived. And, imagine, he was answered: we have two attractions here: a model and a black, and showed my apartment. It was fate.
The whole crew went to the expedition to Grozny to the shooting of the movie At Home Among Strangers after the marriage proposal. And I came with them. The wedding ceremony took place in Grozny. The whole hotel took part in it.
Then we celebrated this event together with our parents in Moscow. The paradox is that I appeared in the bride's dress for so many times at runways, but my wedding dress was not white and without a veil – it was one of the first maxi dresses, very beautiful one, from the All-Union House of Models.
It's been almost 45 years ago. I did not keep the dress: there was no such a cult of wedding events then. Everything was simple and youth-like."

The exhibition unites eternal family values & modern fashion: celebs’ rarities are located next to the wedding dresses of the leading Italian brands Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Scervino, MaxMara, Antonio Marras, and well-known Russian designers - Chapurin, Yanina Couture, Edem. These models were created exclusively for Bosco Ceremony - a new space in Petrovsky Passage, wh ere you can buy or order bespoke evening, cocktail and wedding outfits, as well as shoes and accessories.

One and the same space unites weddings of the past and the future, the newest trends and good traditions, marriages that has taken place already, and the happy, bright anticipated ceremonies.  The set-out is designed by the artist Agniya Sterligova (Bureau Planet 9).

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