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17 May
Saturday Cherry Tree Planting Trip

On May 15, Bosco Manufactures in Kaluga hosted the annual cherry tree planting ceremony. This year the trip coincides with two special occasions: Bosco di Ciliegi is celebrating its 30th anniversary; 20 years ago, the first cherry tree was planted by Bosco di Ciliegi in Neskuchny Garden. Since then, the planting of cherry trees became a memorable symbol of the festival.

The Cherry Forest Open Art Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Every year since the inception of the event, friends of the Cherry Forest Festival, including luminaries of cinema, theatre, and mass media, as well as public figures and politicians, uphold this wonderful tradition.

On May 15, a new team of cherry tree lovers arrived to Kaluga: Elena Malysheva, Yulia Bordovskikh, Veronika Borovik-Khilchevskaya, Xenia Solovieva, Arian Romanovsky, Evgeniya Milova, Arina Sharapova, Irina Slutskaya, Vadim Dymov, Andrey Kolesnikov, Albina Shagimuratova, Igor Mirkurbanov, and other members of BoscoFamily. The team also included veteran tree planting enthusiasts: Sergey Filin, Igor Butman, Mikhail Kusnirovich, Ekaterina Moiseeva, Pavel and Svetlana Astakhov, Alexey and Galina Nemov. Even children joined the tree planting event. Notably, Viola Syutkina is working with the festival organizing committee.

The day began with the planting team arriving in Kaluga on branded buses. Final destination – Bosco Manufactures, the pioneering consumer good enterprise.

Kaluga is famous for the wonderful Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics, a regular stop on Bosco di Ciliegi family trips. In April 2021, the second section of the museum, a three-storey building with a total floor area of 12 500 square meters, officially opened. Mikhail Kusnirovich greeted the guests together with the Moscow Jazz Orchestra headed by People’s Artist of Russia Igor Butman. The first planting event happened at the museum: 16 cherry trees now stand tall near the cosmonautics museum. Kaluga Oblast governor Vladislav Shapsha, Kaluga Oblast senator Anatoly Atramonov, Igor Butman, Arina Sharapova, Elena Malysheva, and other cherry tree lovers planted threes. The team toured the museum before departing for Bosco Manufactures.

The tour of Bosco Manufactures began with a “workers’ luncheon”. Then the team, equipped with all the necessary tools, began planting cherry trees all around the manufactures. Igor Butman, Alexey and Galina Nemov, Sergey Filin, Yulia Bordovskikh, and other members of Bosco Family planted their trees.

The guests also toured the manufactures and saw firsthand the entire production cycle of the enterprise. The ceremony concluded with a jazz orchestra performance led by famous musician Igor Butman, an old friend of Cherry Forest Festival.

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