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4 September
Everybody is Welcome at Bosco Workouts!

We meet each Saturday at 10:30 in the most unusual places of Moscow: Bar Bosco on Red Square, Vesna on New Arbat, at Luzhniki, at Skolkovo, in the courtyard of the Tretyakov Gallery. Don’t worry: all exercises are simple and appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

Training sessions are hosted by Elena Vesnina, Alexey Nemov, Alexey Yashin, Svetlana Khorkina, and many others.

To take part in Bosco Workouts, all you have to do is buy the appropriate gear and register via our website. Before registering, you must buy specific items from our online store or any store. Items range from T-shirts and shorts to full fitness jumpsuits.

We’re already working out! Why don’t you join us?

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