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11 October
Tiffany & Co. boutique was solemnly opened in Petrovsky Passage
On October 10th, Tiffany & Co. brand solemnly presented its new store at Petrovsky Passage in Moscow. The opening ceremony featured the head of BOSCO group of companies Mikhail Kusnirovich, Tiffany vice-president Mark Jashe, as well as Tiffany & Co. CEO in Russia Marina Levochka.
"Beautiful, atmospheric and fun-giving shop was opened today. BOSCO group of companies was also lucky to open the first Tiffany boutique at Red Square in GUM in 2014. Now we can say, that the new, second shop marks the start of a new era of the brand in Moscow - in the Passage now. We welcome this famous American brand in Russia. It is the symbol of beauty established as far back as in 1837, embodying the best of jewelry art,"- Mikhail Kusnirovich said.
"We are very pleased to present the best of Tiffany in Moscow. It is the brand that brings its DNA, its NY-born unique style of luxury and elegance. Tiffany is primarily a jewelry house, of course, but it has become synonymous with happiness and joy and is associated with the smiles on the faces of girls and women around the world when they open the coveted box," - Marc Jashe said.
The representatives of Russian media, fashion industry and the world of art came to congratulate the brand on this event. Many of them chose Tiffany jewels for the event.
The new store with an area of 490 square meters is two-storey just like the first boutique of the brand in GUM, also opened with BOSCO support. You can get into it fr om Petrovka Street, wh ere the windows of the shop overlook, and from the inner gallery of the Passage. Entering the store, the guests plunge into the air of the first great jewelry brand of New York.
The boutique in Petrovsky Passage offers iconic jewels from the modern collections, like Tiffany T, Tiffany HardWear, as well as the premiere of this season Fleur de Lis or the rare jewelry pieces for the most special occasions.
The set-out of archival products of the brand, established in 1837, runs in the new flagship store until November 10th. The admission is free. Here you can see exquisite hair jewelry of the late XIX century, refined perfume bottles, caskets and miniature handbags, opera binoculars and hair combs. A separate part of the display is dedicated to various types of diamond cut, perfectly mastered by the craftsmen of Tiffany & Co. brand.
You are welcome to the new Tiffany & Co. boutique in Petrovsky Passage! 

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