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11 February
"Spring Beauty Day" in ARTICOLI Salon & spa in Petrovsky Passage

Winter will end sooner in case you start to get ready for spring: in fact, we should meet the most romantic time of the year with bells on! ARTICOLI Salon & spa in Petrovsky Passage offers "Spring Beauty Day " gift certificates.
Treat yourself to the three stages of transformation within just one day! Firstly, the expert of the  salon will help to choose one of the three luxury skin care programs depending on the skin type and condition: "Intensive recovery for sensitive skin» (MBR), “Forming modeling care” (Chanel) or "Cleanness and oxygenation" (Valmont).

It will be followed by “Hommage Saint Malo” body care. Classic manicure will round off the magic beauty day.
10% off the certificate’s purchase to BOSCO family card  is available.

See you in ARTICOLI Salon&spa in Petrovsky Passage!

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