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25 April
Isaia and Chess & Jazz Party at Petrovsky Passage
Isaia and Chess & Jazz hosted a party on April 24 at Petrovsky Passage in Moscow.

This is the second party launched by the founders of the Chess & Jazz Festival; this time they joined forces with the Neapolitan ISAIA brand in a return to the traditions of intellectual soirees with ticket invitations, and an intimate ambiance for the new wave of chess players. No bets were made, but many fans supported their heroes, who played games of fast chess by the piano. The crowd was quite loud!

The event was attended by Vladimir Pozner, Nadezhda Solovyova, Ilya Kusnirovich, Uilliam Lamberti, Konstantin Kryukov, Egor Beroev, Polina Favorskaya, Nikola Melnikov, Konstantin Andrikopolus, Georgy Kostava, and Dmitry Dudinskiy.

The ravishing Italian jazz singer Francesca Tandoi was the special guest of the evening. Her debut was one of the most promising international jazz performances in the last couple of years.

All the Petrovsky Passage boutiques closed for the night, except for the ISAIA boutique. Our guests played a tournament in the format of 10-minute matches in teams of two people. Italian charm and an ironic twist are the most notable characteristics of ISAIA, the partner of the second Party, a brand that creates classic suits for men.

The owner of the brand and the family member of the ISAIA family, Gianluca Isaia, supported the concept of chess and jazz parties with enthusiasm and mingled with all the guests throughout the cocktail party.

In Gianluca’s own words: “Today’s party is amazing! There are so many outstanding people here, the event is impeccable, and the vibes are powerful! I wouldn’t call myself a strong chess player, but the tournament today brought me heaps of joy. I believe that chess is for brilliant minds.”

Together with Gianluca, the event planners came to an idea of launching the second Party – contemporary form of succession and traditions that Italians abide by. We all have learned to appreciate elegant clothes, play chess or play the piano mostly from our grandparents, parents, friends who are older than we are, cult figures of the past.

Several teams took part in the chess tournament:

Team Bosco di Ciliegi– Kusnirovich Mikhail and Gnatyuk Dmitry

Team ISAIA – Tsarfin Mikhail and Bodrikov Vladimir

Team Marathoners – Kuznetsov Sergey and Lazarev Sergey

Team Embassy (Mosprpject) - Andreev Anton and Zaitsev Vladimir

Team Alpha – Sivkov Artashes and Galiakhmetov Evgeniy

Team Davidoff Club  - Manukyan Hayk and Ivanov Ivan

Team Petrovsky Passage – Moskalev Konstantin and Moskalev Egor

Team Crocus Media – Granovskaya Mariyat and Burgart Andrey

The premium audio equipment brand Harman Kardon was once again among the partners of the Party. At the first Party Soiree at the Moscow Chess Club, the partner held a lecture about interesting jazz history facts in the setting of a reception room of a 19th-century mansion. This time the guests were invited to the bar of a musical dietician who presented Harman Kardon Enchant - a new series of home acoustic systems. The role of the musical expert was performed by expert in audio technical systems and musical journalism, frontman of the Electromoteur group and bon vivant Mikhail Borzenkov.

He held individual consultations and depending on the actual mood and emotions of the guests, “prescribed” musical therapy featuring jazz performers and concert albums. Borzenkov’s prescriptions and recommendations were addressed to opening new forces, feelings, and conditions by means of classic and experimental jazz. The new line on soundbars Harman Kardon Enchant will sure to become a real revelation for admirers of good-quality realistic sound: licensed Harman Kardon MultiBeam technology creates an effect of dimensional sound, without additional speaker systems.

“Today’s performance by Francesca Tandoi is a stroke of luck. She flew across the world to be with us tonight. I am always following new names in this musical genre. Francesca, is certainly a shining star. Together with Harman/Kardon this summer we are getting ready to share new festival experiences at the Moscow Hermitage Garden. We will be experimenting with attributes of jazz and game strategies”, - notes Nick Babin, Director of the Chess & Jazz Festival.

“In my life, I have played chess in different places, but it is my first time playing chess at Petrovsky Passage”, - says Sergey Karyakin, the Ambassador of Chess Leadership.

Guests were served fine single malt Aberlour whiskey. This exquisite double cask matured drink is for real connoisseurs. It embodies the richness of flavors, their complexity, and depth that are expertly crafted at the Aberlour distillery.

Porsche was also a partner of the evening. Special cars with the Party logo were greeting the guests at the beginning of the party.

Party #3 will take place in summer, while the Grand Finale will be held at the CHESS & JAZZ Festival on July 26-27 at the Moscow Hermitage Garden.
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