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9 October
Marina Rinaldi Evening at Petrovsky Passage

On October 8 Petrovsky Passage hosted the unveiling ceremony of the new Marina Rinaldi Boutique. The event coincided with the launching of the Reggio nell'Emilia Cuisine and Marina Rinaldi Weeks as part of the Homestyle Food Festival.

Marina Rinaldi designer Enrica Carretti and her favorite chef Andrea Vezzani greeted the guests of the evening. Especially for Bosco Café, Andrea Vezzani and Bosco Café chef Davide Corso created a menu that highlights the culinary traditions of Reggio nell'Emilia.

Enrica Carretti talked about the beginning of the festival: “I come from the beautiful Reggio nell'Emilia Region which is famous for two things: fashion and fine food! Tables should be booked at Andrea’s restaurant well in advance. It was awarded the prestigious Michelin Star!”

Guests tasted traditional Italian dishes and enjoyed a presentation of the current Marina Rinaldi collection, as always bright and perfect.

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