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2 October
In Wonderland: BOSCOFAMILY has solemnly presented Il Gufo boutique in Petrovsky Passage
This time, miracles came long before the arrival of the New Year. The air encouraged: the familiar music from "Harry Potter", huge clouds of golden balloons hanging from the ceiling, light mist, mountains of colorful sweets on tables and strict wizards in black robes and pointed magician’s hats. No, this is not the beginning of the school year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, but the opening of Il Gufo in Petrovsky Passage.
The Passage became a magical land for one evening. There were white rabbits disappearing in a magic hat, a rain of bubbles, a chemical laboratory with pot-bellied flasks and pouring steam. Many interesting things were prepared for the little guests. So they wanted to try everything!
This event just could not go unnoticed among Russian celebs who came to the fest together with their children. Many kids had Il Gufo dresses, sweatshirts or suits on: star parents trust the Italian brand for a long time, as playing and running in these apparels is a real pleasure.
There were many things to do. But the kids did not forget to eat, especially since the treats were magical: colorful lemonades, star-shaped biscuits, crispy apples in caramel, sweet popcorn and the favorite cupcakes, of course. The young guests left reluctantly, but the parents waited patiently, and almost all rustled with the packages with new things.
It is hard to take the kids away from such a magical shop as Il Gufo even on weekdays: there are the coolest things even for the most indifferent to fashion. The famous brand of Italian children's clothing, understands how important it is for a child to be a child. After all, all kids believe in miracles: fairy tales about bewitched princesses, stories about superheroes - this is the best time to dream.
The new FW Il Gufo collection, which was appreciated by the guests of the new boutique in the Passage, is about magic. Disappearing prints are on the warm sweaters, magic crystal balls are on the T-shirts, mysterious sparks of color are on the elegant suits. It is comfy and stylish clothing, which could well be worn by Hogwarts students. Stylish geometric prints and large black & white checks reminiscent of the adventures of Alice in Wonderland appear in children's collection for the first time this year.
Any girl will feel like a princess in elegant overcoats, capes and light airy dresses. Cozy duffle coats, puffed jackets, short sheepskin coats, jacquard sweaters that can be worn with military trousers or favorite jeans are designed for boys, who like real heroes need to save the planet
Silver Label collection has been created for special occasions. Long dresses of blue velvet, decorated with Swarovski crystals, with lush skirts of airy tulle and taffeta will surely please all little ladies of fashion. Snow-white shirts and elegant velvet tuxedos with lapels made of taffeta are for young gentlemen.
New Il Gufo boutique, located at the 1st level of the 1st line of the Passage, has everything for school life, for holidays, and for country walks. So feel free to come here for new things. This clothing is convenient to play, study, visit friends, go to picnics and walks to the cinema or museums that is to learn the world - both real and magical, of course.
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