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19 December
Presentation of Maison ESVE will be held in Smolensky Passage within the new BOSCO DI CILIEGI’s project “At the forefront of Russian fashion”

Public talk of Maison ESVE, one of the most mysterious brands, will be held in Smolensky Passage within the new BOSCOFAMILY’s project “At the forefront of Russian fashion” on December 22nd. The collections of the new generation of Russian designers are offered there now. 
"In our perception, fashion is something that comes from the West. But we have got a lot of talented young designers that is why we have decided to present them here in a relaxed ambience among BOSCOFAMILY friends”, - the vice-president of BOSCO DI CILIEGI company Ekaterina Moiseyeva said within the opening of the project that took place on December 15th.

Maison ESVE will take the baton of the talks in Smolensly Passage on December 22nd.  The presentation will also be dedicated to the New Year and Christmas looks. The brand that have gained it-girls’ recognition instantly, is enveloped in mystery: no one knows the name hidden behind it. The founders of the brand conceived that the names and faces of those who create beauty should be behind the scenes. According to the designers, the collections tell much more. And it does not matter if it is one person or a team of designers, as they are united by a common main goal - to create the beautiful.
Introduced in 2015, Maison Esve brand has captivated the audience with its debut collection under the flamboyant title On the Verge featuring weightless, translucent lace dresses, based on lingerie style. Esve philosophy can be shortly described as follows: it is boudoir style, consisting of hints, whispers and secrets. It is multi-layering, woven from the tiniest parts, the finest lace details, smart feathers, symbolizing the protagonist’s lightness flying through life, like a bird of paradise.

The essence of the brand is about the attention to details and dedication to the concept, which can be traced not only in ESVE articles, but also in how they are presented. 4 projects were presented within the first year. They are On the verge, Nostalgia, Bird of Paradise and Silver Clouds. Dedicated to different topics, they are united by the recognizable style and aesthetics of the brand, which is set to the eclecticity, flowing lines and complex trimmings. Fine silk, airy organza or delicate lace are skillfully combined with bulk capes of velvet or this season’s must-haves like oversize coats.

The collections of Biriukov, Chapurin, Candyshop, Galina Podzolko, Girlpower, Izeta, Katya Dobryakova, Laroom, NAUMI, NOLO, Poustovit, RASARIO, Sergey Sysoev, Victoria Andreyanova and many others Russian designers can be purchased in Smolensky Passage now.
The designers who have joined the happy BOSCOFAMILY will tell about themselves, their brand and answer the guests’ questions in warm home-like ambiance with a glass of champaign in their hands.  Public talks will take place in Smolensky Passage over the next few months. headed by Laura Jugelia is the media partner of the project "At the forefront of Russian fashion".

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