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16 March
In the rhythm of dance
"The artist who makes fashion" – that is how Antonio Marras is called. Like the modern picture, each of his collections is built on philosophical basis and has its own postmodern message. The Antonio Marras SS17 collection is about a whirlwind of clothes and hairstyles, spinning in a crazy dance. After all, dance is the fundamental basis from which, according to the ancient legend, the world emerged.
Tight-fitting dresses with graceful tops and wide skirts in new look style, decorated with various draperies and ruffles, pleats and bows, flounces and frills are perfect for dancing. Or, on the contrary, loose, flowing sarongs, tunics, weightless blouses and embroidered coats. Also, there are wide trousers and jackets with a hint of rock style.
It is difficult to list all fabrics: they range from white cotton with English embroidery and painted flax to printed duchesse, georgette and jacquard.
Sea shells embroidered on bunches of hydrangeas and high red poppies are reminiscent of the up-growth fascinating fairy-tale silhouettes by the American artist of African descent Kara Walker. Numerous inserts & inlays, appliques, sequins & fringe are just fascinating. Over-sized black and white checks are the bright accent of the collection because square is the symbol of dualism: day and night, light and darkness, instinct and mind.
The palette is about black and white, which is sometimes echoed by dusty pink and gray-green, khaki and denim blue, gold and silver.
SS Antonio Marras collection is available in the spaces of the brand in GUM, Petrovsky Passage & VESNA as well as in St. Petersburg.  
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