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23 May
Soiree with Antonio Marras at Petrovsky Passage

On May 22 the revered Italian designer Antonio Marras personally delivered to Moscow his capsule collection that was created exclusively for Bosco di Ciliegi and presented it at Petrovsky Passage.

Inspired by the fragile intertwining of exquisite symbolism that are an inherent part of the Italian brand and Russian traditions, the Antonio Marras collection created exclusively for Bosco di Ciliegi is a narrative of a new story that evokes fresh feelings.

Antonio Marras: “One day I came across an old photograph of your great poet, Anna Akhmatova. This photograph was the starting point of a dress collection for Bosco. The incredible love story at the turn of the century – Akhmatova and Modigliani, a Russian poet and an Italian painter – offers genuine inspiration.”

Evening dresses and lace capes are adorned with an array of stones, crystals, and beads. The embroidery on chiffon decorates the slim-cut silhouettes of the new looks. Antonio Marras plays by the rules that were set a while ago, but are still respected by the players. As always, Antonio combines materials in an unorthodox way. For instance, coarse fabrics of men’s clothes are decorated with paillettes and delicate embroideries; extensive dimensional details and embroidered elements of the dresses recreate the epoch of the turn of the 20th century.

Besides the fine attire, Marras delivered to Moscow a unique ceramic tableware collection that was created in collaboration with the Italian Kiasmo brand. You can review thatresults of the cooperation with designer Vincenzo D’Alba at the Antonio Marras Boutique at Petrovsky Passage. Sophisticated dishes, plates, and vases decorated with art drawings became an embodiment of the collaboration between two unique artists.

And fr om May 23 the Sard Cuisine Week launched at Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage. Sardinia, the picturesque island in the Mediterranean Sea, is the homeland of Antonio Marras. Traditional dishes of the Sard cuisine will be created with the help of chef Laura Sechi who arrived together with Antonio for this special occasion.

Antonio Marras: “Our friendship with Bosco has lasted for many years now, and it is my understanding that it has already has grown into a concept of a family, a huge family. I deal not only with clothes, I do not like to lim it myself, and I also work in other areas. So, these dresses are only a certain pre-text to lead a dialog with theater, dance, cinema, and poetry. And first of all, with the culinary art. Today we open the Sard Cuisine Week – a part of Sicily that was transferred to Moscow, to Bosco Café. A kitchen is a place that gathers the whole family, so I invite you all to our family kitchen”.

Ilya Kusnirovich: “An exceptional person is launching our venture with theme dinners. He is important for our company, a person who we have worked with for many years. He is more than a couturier, an artist, broadly speaking, he is a creator who by trial and error tells us his personal stories in different languages: through the languages of fashion and art. Signor Antonio Marras. And today Antonio brought with him his favorite chef, who created a special Sard menu that helped us to discover the universe of Antonio Marras. The evening dresses capsule serves as its visual accompaniment. Just like good wines, it is a perfect pairing for the Sard dishes”.

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