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18 May
Petrovsky Passage hosts the anniversary Etro exhibition
Petrovsky Passage hosts the anniversary Etro exhibition
The interactive exhibition in honor of the 50th anniversary of Etro fashion house was opened in Petrovsky Passage within the XVIII Open Arts Festival Chereshnevy Les on May 17th.

Etro celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018. The exhibition Etro 50th Anniversary will become its central event. Russian admirers of the brand will be the first to appreciate it. The next large-scale exhibition Etro 50th Anniversary will be opened in the Milan MUDEC museum in September. The brand offers to recall the signature places, characters and atmosphere of the native Milan within the Etro Roots anniversary ad campaign.
Veronica and Jacopo Etro arrived to Moscow for the opening of the anniversary exhibition in Russia. The start of the Etro anniversary celebrations was appreciated & welcomed by the Ambassador of Italy to Russia, Mr. Pasquale Terracciano.

The guests were greeted by Mikhail Kusnirovich, Veronika and Jacopo Etro. The interactive exhibition is about five allegorical interactive pavilions. Each viewer can come in and become an enchanted wanderer in its patterned labyrinths. And make a selfie with #Etroandme tag, of course. Nature, Art, Color, Game & Travel are the key concepts of the brand. A unique installation is dedicated to each of them. The ideas of the openness of the 60's, the time when the Etro brand was born (1968), echo with the present, when everything is possible, and travel and art become a way of life for people living in Etro style.

Interactive exhibition Etro. 50 is an important event for Bosco di Ciliegi as well. The two companies have much in common: attention to detail and materials, to the history of art and costume, to colors and patterns, to the eternal East-West antithesis. And a large family as the basis of business and creativity, of course.

Mikhail Kusnirovich: "The idea of creating an immersive show came to our mind last year, when the Remote Moscow theater project worked here on the roof of the Passage that was not equipped yet. I liked it very much – as it all was about live communication & festive air. And this year, we decided to attract those guys who worked here in an unaccommodated environment. This is better than a static event. Immersive theater is an interactive communication with trained people, so let's interact & communicate! "

Creative director of Etro Home Jacopo Etro spoke about his vision of the house:
"For me, Etro is about happiness, above all. This is color, patterns and travel. The exhibition was invented by our team and is the reflection of all that our brand is about. We came up with several thematic sections so that people could better understand the roots of the company and what it is today. A few years ago we published the first monograph, a very beautiful book about Etro life and style fr om clothes to interior. But this time we decided to tell about our brand not just in pictures. Moscow opens this exhibition project, because Russia is very close to us. I believe that the friendship between the Italian and Russian peoples is very important, that's why we are here today. "

Creative director of the Etro woman’s line Veronica Etro: "Etro is a surname first of all. This is a story about design, people, love of color, art, travel. Being with Etro means to be bright and unique, that is, always to be in the spotlight. Our company was opened in 1968, and the expression, the spirit that reigned in the 60's is very urgent today. Paisley, floral motifs are in trend today. We started to work on the project in September, and opened it in Russia, as BoscoFamily are our great friends & partners for twenty years. And we really wanted to celebrate our anniversary together. "

In the evening of May 17th, the exhibition Etro. 50 became alive with the help of immersive production by the director Zivile (Zy) Montvilaite known for her bright shows & performances. Many actors in Etro costumes danced, sang, philosophized and recited poems inside the pavilions, immersing the viewers into the Etro world.
The director of the project Zivile (Zy) Montvilaite told us about how the ideas and the action are connected:
“We were faced with the task of reviving the idea of the Italian fashion house. Thus, it became a kind of collaboration, where we had to come up with everything that should "live" in the installation. It's more than fifty actors, singers and dancers. "Nature" section features a prototype of the Etro family at the big table and various artifacts like a real white rabbit and a bush of grass. "Art" pavilion was turned into a warehouse, wh ere an Italian artist paints a beautiful Latin typography right on the body of a model. In "Color" part, you can wear special headphones and hear what fabrics say. "Game" is about dancers, who present new Etro collection. There is a lot of foreigners from Frida Kahlo to samurais in "Journey" section.”

The non-standard decision of the party turned out to be extremely successful. A lot of guests wearing Etro clothing became the participants of the immersive play, traveling from the well-known Etro boutique at the first level of Petrovsky Passage to the Etro.50 exhibition and to the roof of the Passage then. The guests of the evening were happy to learn Etro timeline that sounded in the headphones, dance with the artists and, finally, savor the food from around the world, presented in five food courts headed by Russian restaurateur Alexander Rapoport. Russian, Thai, Azerbaijani, Chinese and Italian cafes treated the excited guests impressed with the immersive journey through the Etro world. The guests took they time: enjoyed cocktails based on Johnie Walker whiskey, danced to incendiary rhythms of the well-known Moscow DJs, took shots in a bright red Range Rover at the roof of the Petrovsky Passage installed by Land Rover company.

Many celebs including the most famous Russian actors, musicians, singers, TV presenters, sportsmen, politicians and businessmen, bloggers and editors of glossy magazines became the guests of the event.
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