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11 May
Boutique of children’s Mi.Mi.Sol brand was opened in Petrovsky Passage
"Mi mi sol" are the first notes of the famous Brahms "Lullaby", written by the German composer for his children. The world-famous melody inspired designer Imelde Bronzieri to create outfits for little dreamers. She is sure that children who wear Mi.Mi.Sol clothes live their childhood as it should: playing and dreaming.
Mi.Mi.Sol store, opened at the ground level of Petrovsky Passage, offers clothes and footwear for boys and girls from 3 months to 14 years old. The Italian brand has two lines: festive INDACO LABEL and casual SAND LABEL for games and walks.
The new collection "Picnic in the Glade" is about light cotton sundresses with cross-stitch embroidery, loose two-shade dresses, trendy capris and mini shorts, flared tops and skirts with monochrome checks, T-shirts with cartoon prints. These clothes take you to the park, forest or sea with a basket of fruits. Middies and striped jackets with a red belt at a waist, chinos and breeches with contrasting stripes, as well as soft slip-ons with a print in the shape of colorful yachts in the red-white-blue marine range will surely remind about a beach even it is far away from you.  Let’s pack a suitcase and set off on a journey!
Graphic print resembling of a collage of newspaper cuttings, which looks especially stylish on scarves, is surely bright accent of the collection.
There is also a line for outs called Garden Party, which is about elegant dresses and skirts of noble shades of ivory and cream with contrasting golden elements & sequins’ embroidery.
Versatile, long-wearing and light fabrics like fleece, cotton, jersey, viscose and satin were used.
Mi.Mi.Sol capsule summer collection is dedicated to Moscow. It features five cotton dresses with a print reminiscent of children's drawings made on a board with crayons. They were created by young designers, the guests of the Children's BOSCO Club, after a short performance based on the fairy tale by Gianni Rodari "The Scattered Boy".
Mi.Mi.Sol brand appeared in Children's GUM in February 2012 for the first time, and won affection of many little it girls & boys and their parents immediately. This is one of the rare brands that produces beautiful and comfortable children’s clothing without copying adult trends: "I respect child in a child. I do not like when children are dressed like adults - they will certainly have time grow up," - Imelde Bronzieri says.
See you in new Mi.Mi.Sol boutique in Petrovsky Passage! 
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