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19 December
The store of the legendary Richard Ginori porcelain manufactory was solemnly opened in Petrovsky Passage on December 16th.

Five o'clock tea party dedicated to the solemn opening of the boutique of the legendary porcelain factory Richard Ginori was held on December 16th. The head of BOSCO DI CILIEGI group of companies Mikhail Kusnirovich and the CEO of Richard Ginori Mr. Giovanni Giunchedi have personally presented the new store.

«Richard Ginori is one of the iconic Italian brands that have become the part of the history of our country. At the same time, we are not resting on the laurels. We follow the trends being true to our 300-year old traditions. We are always in the search of new forms and possibilities. So I want to thank BOSCO DI CILIEGI for the access to such a strategically important market as a Russia. I really like that Richard Ginori boutique opens its doors in Petrovsky Passage. To my mind, this place is more private & cozy, and even, homelike, which is in tune with the aesthetics of our brand. Just like the space of our store, which is more like a private parlor, "- Mr. Giovanni Giunchedi said in his welcoming speech.

Then everyone was invited to take part in a tea party hold in a pop-up BOSCO Café located next to the store. The treats were served on exquisite Richard Ginori sets, so that the guests, including the Ambassador of the Italian Republic in Russia Mr. Cesare Maria Ragaglini, Ingeborga Dapkunayte, Andrei Gnatyuk, Sergey Nikolayevich, Elena Sotnikova, Alexei Dorozhkin and others, were able to fully appreciate the quality of the famous Florentine porcelain.

Richard Ginori was founded in 1735. Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori have established the workshop at the family estate Docci then. Soon this beautiful porcelain gained fame to become generic term: even today many Italians use "Ginori" when talking about exquisite dishes and tureens, regardless of the brand.

"1735 is really mesmerizing date. You have a completely different feeling from touching this thing when you realize that everything is done according to the techniques of the 18th century... The process of having tea served in such cup makes us the part of the general cultural process. Porcelain helps us to be involved in a big history ", - Sergey Nikolayevich said.

Now you should not go Florence to purchase a real Ginori - just call at Richard Ginori in Petrovsky Passage. You are welcome to enjoy the process of selection sitting in one of the Empire arm-chairs & looking at the refined patterns’ scattering.

There is the famous vivid Oriente Italiano collection that features the recognizable Florentine carnation pattern. It is offered in 10 color palettes, perfectly in tune with each other. This allows you to create a set of different colors and mix them in serving, for example, soft blue with nice saffron hue or pale pink with spring green.

Or you can find hand-painted  Labirinto collection that features forms’ austerity.  It was inspired by the ancient Greek ornamentation and reinterpreted by the creative director of Richard Ginori, the great Italian architect Gio Ponti in 1926 to become the perfect combination of ancient culture and modern design.

The pride of the manufacture - porcelain miniature copies of classic monumental sculptures of Michelangelo from Medici Chapels are on the table in the center of the store. It is necessary to make over a hundred of pieces in advance and then join them using complex fastening systems to create these masterpieces. This fine work is trusted only to the most experienced craftsmen.

The store at Petrovsky Passage in Moscow gives a unique opportunity. Here you can order your personalized Richard Ginori family set with a nominal stamp or family coat of arms. It is a magnificent New Year gift. Nice children's set of 4 items featuring funny elephants and giraffes in pink and blue will become the perfect gift for parents.

Any selected set can be added with cutlery of silver or crystal from four different collections - from laconic Granduca to hand-painted Marchese with floral golden pattern.

See you at Richard Ginori in Petrovsky Passage!

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