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7 February
OMEGA corner was opened at Sochi Marriott Hotel in Krasnaya Polyana

Omega’s 24 m2 space appeared in the mono-brand area of Sublime by BOSCO boutique in early January 2017. It is in harmony with the interior of Sochi Marriott Hotel in Krasnaya Polyana. The corner offers all the main collections and some limited editions of the brand.

The new space of the legendary Swiss brand strikes with its cohesiveness and harmony: the design features natural materials which is completely in tune with the latest design developments of the brand.
The interior concept is based on such philosophical constants as Air, Water, Sun and Earth. Steel rain, falling down like waterfall, is the key design element. It symbolizes transient & everlasting time. Sparkling glass symbolizes Earth, its texture shows layers and timeline. Sun is symbolized by the light directed to each object. Air is about reflected light and clouds’ shadows. Luxury windows that store Omega masterpieces convey the unity of the four elements. They are made of sparkling glass with the logo of the brand.

The harmonious duo of glass and wood creates a sense of intimacy to the infinite nature and the ambience filled with comfort and light.

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