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1 June
Ice Cream Fest at GUM!

The traditional Ice Cream Fest took place on June 1 at GUM. This year the Fest was hosted by Children’s GUM together with the I Am! Charity Fund headed by Russian actors Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova. The fund supports kids with special needs. Launched in 2012, the Ice Cream Fest is held to coincide with International Children’s Day celebrations.

All day from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. favorite musicians, actors, TV presenters, athletes, and trustees of the I Am! Fund were engaged as ice cream vendors. The price of the all-time favorite treat was only 25 rubles per portion. All of the proceeds will go to the I Am! Fund programs.

The list of celebrity ice cream vendors is awe-inspiring: Vyacheslav Fetisov, Ksenia and Irina Alferovs, Elena Nikolaeva, Andrey Noskov, Marat Basharov, Lora Reznikova, Marina Kravitz, Natasha Antonova, Valdis Pelsh, Lybov Tolkalina, Andrey Malakhov, Ingeborga Daupkunaite, Alexey Nemov, Ekaterina Varnava, Ekaterina Guseva, Igor Petrenko, Victor Dobronravov, Ilya Averbukh, Anna Churina, Valeriya, Iosif Prigozhin, Alexander Oleshko, Elena Zakharova, Katya Volkova, Sergey Shakurov, Anna Peskova, Tatyana Golikova, Vladimir Grigoryev, Dmitry Kharatyan.

Thousands of Moscow residents and lucky tourists gathered at the Ice Cream Fest. GUM’s legendary ice cream cones and ice cream bars are the Department Store No. 1 hallmark since many people come by just for “that very” sundae, crème brûlée or chocolate ice cream.

Ice cream is sold at GUM since July 3, 1954, after the reconstruction of the store in 1953. Since that time the recipe has never changed and has remained a secret. It is a known fact that the ice cream is made from natural milk and that all of the ingredients are organic. GUM’s ice cream is as much a symbol, as the iconic fountain at the center of GUM.

The fountain today changed its appearance and looked like a giant waffle cone filled with multicolored balloons.

Today at GUM there were a lot of kids. The organizers arranged a green field at Vetoshny Lane, by the entrance to Children’s GUM. Kids were involved in playing games and musical flash mobs to the tunes of their beloved cartoons. The guests were also served ice cream from the enchanted ice cream bus.

Our little guests had fun at workshops creating beads bracelets or chainrings, aqua make-up sessions, and Magic Ice Cream making at the Bosco Bambino Cake Shop on Floors 1 and 2 of the Children’s GUM.

Dmitry Kharatyan:

– I love chocolate ice cream bars. When I was little, I would get stumped at GUM due to its size and the abundance of everything around. The International Day for Protection of Children has more to do with parents, I suppose. All that we have to so is love our children. If grown-ups love them, take care of them, watch out for them and protect them from all hardships and sorrows, troubles and diseases – that means that children are well-protected. This is a day dedicated to children, but it is also an important day for parents. They have to remember their responsibilities and obligations to the children.

Vyacheslav Fetisov:

— For me, GUM is an exceptional place, as there is nothing quite like GUM’s crème brûlée. I am grateful to Mikhail Kusnirovich for reviving all of the traditions that we were brought up in. GUM is a place for philanthropy: people come here on important occasions, there are many events involving celebrities held here. I consider this an excellent strategy.

Valdis Pelsh:

– I discovered my favorite type of ice cream when my friends played a prank on me. They offered me ice cream with salt on top. They thought that I would faint, but quite on the contrary – I loved the taste!  Since then, I always salt my candies and crème brûlée, preferably with coarse Himalayan salt. It turns the sweets unbelievably tasty!

Kseniya Alferova:

— Here at GUM, at the Fest, I usually persuade people to buy crème brûlée, because I believe it is the best! The taste of my childhood’s crème brûlée remained the same.

Andrey Malakhov:

— I visited GUM for the first time when I was about five years old. At the time, I was very much impressed by the long lines of people who were expecting ice cream. Today I tried GUM’s most signature vanilla ice cream, and crème brûlée – for the very first time.

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