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6 July
Ice Cream Day in GUM
Whatever whimsical summer is, ice cream is sill its main dessert! On July 5th, the Ice Cream Day, 70 028 servings were sold at a special price in GUM. The one could savor delicate extra rich ice cream, favorite crème brulee, aromatic melon, bright blueberry, refreshing blackcurrant, summer pistachio, sweet strawberry, popular with gourmets pistachio with chocolate chips or the famous choc ice in rustling foil.
This day, ice cream servings went off like hot cakes largely due to the talent of celeb vendors who managed not only to sell the famous GUM ice cream, but also to give autographs and take photos with the fans as many people lined up to get ice-cream fr om the hands of the famous sellers.
The counter at the fountain wh ere, according to the tradition, the famous musicians, actors, singers, TV presenters, sportsmen and trustees of "I Am!" Fund sold the famous delicacy at a special price of 25 rubles per serving became the main center of attraction.
Valdis Pelsh became the one who was enthusiastic about taking up the counter at 10 am. He succeeded in selling strawberry and chocolate servings.  Later, he was joined by the two charming ladies - singer Zara, assisted by a seven-year-old son Danya and Elena Temnikova. Then they were changed by Valery Meladze, Mikhail Galustyan and Alexei Nemov.
This day our trading center was open half an hour longer as GUM visitors were very much excited about purchasing the favorite dessert.
For the second time, GUM Ice-cream Day is held jointly with the Charity Fund of Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova for Supporting Children with Special Needs "I Am!". The proceeds from the sale of ice cream are transferred to the fund for the programs aimed at changing the attitude of society to special children and the implementation of the project "Amazing House" - a system of joint and training accommodation for graduates of orphanages.

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