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18 September
SECTION pop-up store in GUM
A two-storey pop-up shop SECTION was opened at the 1st GUM line on September 15th. This is the first space in GUM, offering the items by Russian designers only.
The idea belongs to the creators of Bosco Fresh Fest, Ilya Kusnirovich and the Esthetic Joys team. The pop-up shop will work for 5 months and become, as they say, "a 3D showcase of Russian fashion".
The name was inspired by the legendary "200th section". It was open in GUM during the Soviet era, and only the chosen ones could enter its door. It was the only place in Moscow where it was possible to buy a Chanel suit or a fashionable fur coat in the era of shortage, so the party elite was doing shopping here.  A one-time pass to the Holy of Holies of GUM was given, for example, to cosmonauts upon their coming back from the flights.
In 2017, the Section opens once again, but it does not have an ordinal number, so anyone can visit it now. The things by Russian, not foreign designers, will be the scarce goods this time. You are welcome to purchase & appreciate the limited capsule collections released especially for GUM, limited editions & unique collaborations.
The creators of the project rely on wide audience from the fashionable underground to people who have never heard of Russian designers and the fashion for the post-Soviet aesthetics that seized the world. Therefore, totally different brands from the underground Outlaw and nostalgic TWO BALL to the high price segment RUBAN clothes and commercially oriented Artem Krivda brand can be found at the Section. 35 brands are on the list now, and it will be added for sure.
The Section is not just a store of trendy clothes, books, vinyl and the right souvenirs from Heart of Moscow. This is a platform that can be used by designers for co-working and presentations. Lectures from the invited speakers - for example, from the "Moscow through the eyes of an engineer" unification, are promised. The Ping Pong Club Moscow team will put a ping pong table, the vinyl record zone from the DIG / Esthetic Joys store, equipped with the necessary DJ equipment, will witness parties from time to time. In addition, you can drink a cup of coffee from the "Man and the steamer" association.
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