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25 October
Frette mono-brand was opened in GUM
Frette mono-brand was opened in GUM with the support of Bosco di Ciliegi. It is Italian brand established over 150 years ago. 
Frette articles are like from a distant era, when time went more slowly: it was customary to appear for a breakfast in a silk dressing gown and in a satin dressing gown for a lunch. Fur rugs and festive tablecloths decorated with a family coat of arms were passed from generation to generation as family heirloom.
In general, there is everything for an exemplary family home, which is never affected by the outer storms and adversities. Soft feather pillows, embroidered lawn pillowcases, snow-white sheets, silk bedspreads and many other useful things for family estate that make you happy. Just like a century and a half ago, jacquard is the hallmark of the brand. The craftsmen of the company create real masterpieces of this fabric. Also, the boutique in GUM provides service of making customized Frette products, as the development of family coats of arms is a special pride of the Frette company.
New spacious 150m2 store in GUM embodies the company's “life in Frette style” concept, which is the opulence of your home. The interior is designed in a minimalist style: it is about blue and green – quite colors of the cold range. Strict monochrome mosaic on the floor pays homage to the historical heritage of the brand.
The history of the company dates back to 1860. It was awarded the title of supplier of the royal court a little bit later. Frette name is one of the synonyms of luxury and comfort since then. The popularity of the brand among aristocracy made it an integral part of the global history.
Frette fabrics were used in the decoration of such  legendary transatlantic liners as "Titanic" and others, as well as in the carriages of the fashionable "Orient Express". Nowadays luxury suits of the Paris "Ritz", the London "Savoy", the Roman "Grand Hotel" are just unimaginable without the products of the company.
See you in Frette store (3rd line, 1st level)!

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