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5 October
Exhibition Uncle Steeple’s 80th anniversary was opened in GUM
Wise and generous character "Stepanov by the last name and named Stepan " appeared in a collection of poems by Sergei Mikhalkov in 1936 for the first time and became everyone's favorite instantly.
Over 150 works, winners of the contest of children's drawings "I took a pencil and paper ..." dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the writer and based on the works of Sergei Mikhalkov are on the display. Kids from 5 to 15 years old from Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece and the United States have sent over 15 thousand drawings to the competition.
The jury was headed by the People's Artist of Russia V. Chizhikov, the author of the Moscow Bear, the symbol of the Olympics-80.
Victor Chizhikov, People's Artist of Russia:
"Children always draw something they understand or are interested in. Modern kids understand Sergei Mikhalkov’s poems because he wrote easily & simply, offering ready plots. All his phrases are simple and remembered quickly: "Victor sang, Boris was silent and Nikolai swung his leg." It is the whole story that can be drawn immediately. Of course, everyone knows about Uncle Steeple. You can ask representatives of different generations and each one will surely remember a few lines. My acquaintance with Mikhalkov started from a poem about Foma: "There were houses in a side street and stubborn Foma lived in one of them." My first pictures were dedicated to this very nice protagonist.
Sergei Mikhalkov used to repeat: "They are kids today, but they will be people tomorrow". The exhibition will help adults to feel like kids once again, and children can get in touch with their parents’ childhood in order to better understand each other, to keep the link between generations and support family traditions.
The exhibition is open at the 3rd GUM line and runs until October 16th.
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