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29 March
"At the forefront of Russian fashion" in Smolensky Passage: VICTORIA ANDREYANOVA
Launched at the end of the last year, BOSCO DI CILIEGI’s project "At the forefront of Russian fashion" goes on. Following Laroom, SERGEY SYSOEV and CHAPURIN, the well-known Russian designer Victoria Andreyanova will present her best looks in cozy BOSCOFAMILY space in Smolensky Passage on March 30th.
She will talk with the founder of PEOPLETALK Laura Jugelia about the new collection, the sources of inspiration and the creative process, chat with guests and personally choose spring looks for those who wish.
The theme of the SS collection, presented in Smolensky Passage, is the motif of the October Revolution, although Viktoria Andreyanova does not consider it to be "revolutionary", specifying that it is more about feelings, ambivalence of ordinary people who have witnessed this period, which determined the name "Premonition ". Even having such an alarming message the collection features the smooth and soft silhouettes, vivid colors without even a hint on military muted shades.
These are trapeze dresses, shorts, straight-cut over-coats and jackets with the elements inspired by the suits of the early 20th century. Classic cut is complemented with ruffles, transparent inserts and open shoulders. Laser-perforated details give airiness and romance to the articles.
The designer experimented with different silhouettes, volumes and shapes, limiting the color range by blue, white, navy-blue, gray and, of course, revolutionary red shades. Light & natural fabrics like cotton, cambric, flax, silk and wool with cashmere were chosen. The star like the necessary attribute of each outfit is the reminder of that crucial historical era.
Founded in 1999, Victoria Andreyanova brand features the combination of art and technology.
Smolensky Passage now offers articles from the collections Russian designers, who have hold themselves out. You are welcome to appreciate the attires by Rasario, Maison ESVE, Laroom, CHAPURIN, Sergey Sysoev, NOLO, Yanina, Chapurin, Birukov, Poustovit, Galina Pozolko, Izeta, Girlpower, Katya Dobryakova.
Within the next months, one by one, all designers, whose brands have joined the friendly BOSCOFAMILY will tell about themselves, their brands and answer guests' questions in a warm atmosphere of Smolensky Passage. headed by Laura Jugelia is the media partner of "At the forefront of Russian fashion" project.
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