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7 March
At the Forefront of Russian Fashion in Smolensky Passage: Public Talk of SERGEY SYSOYEV brand
Successfully launched in December 2016, “At the forefront of Russian fashion” BOSCOFAMILY’s project goes on. On March 9th the torch will be taken up by one of the most well-known Russian designers, the winner of numerous awards & prizes Sergey Sysoyev.  In the cozy BOSCOFAMILY space he will tell Laura Jugelia, the founder of PEOPLETALK, about his new collection, the sources of inspiration and the creative process, as well as answer guests’ questions and personally choose unforgettable vernal looks for those who wish.
Handcrafted textures , appliques of the designers’ prints decorated with 3D-elements or hand painting of the finished article turns each SERGEY SYSOEV garment into an art object.
Rose with seven petals is the leitmotif of all collections. It decorates the laconic silhouettes of dresses, coats and blouses. Monica Bellucci, Anna Dello Russo, Elizabeth Hurley, Alla Pugacheva and other celebs were noticed wearing dresses by the designer at red-carpet events. At the same time clothes with SERGEY SYSOEV logo is addressed to women of different types regardless of figure, age or appearance.
The new seasonal collection presented in a spacious BOSCOFAMILY boutique in Smolensky Passage, is inspired by the Russian ethnic art. It features new-tech fabrics, asymmetrical cut, restrained colors and empire textures. The mainstream principle of the brand - "visible invisibility" is embodied in a rich palette of luxurious beige shades. The designer skilfully uses Russian applied art like Vologda lace, hand painting on fabric in Gzhel style, fantasy treating of linen handle.
Smolensky Passage offers articles from the collections of other Russian designers who have hold themselves out. You are welcome to appreciate Rasario, Maison ESVE, Laroom, NOLO, Yanina, Chapurin, Birukov, Poustovit, Victoria Andreyanova, Galina Pozolko, Izeta, Girlpower,  atya Dobryakova and many others.
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