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18 April
"At the forefront of Russian fashion" in Smolensky Passage: public talk of NOLO brand

Following Sergey Sysoev, Chapurin and Victoria Andreyanova, the best looks of NOLO brand will be presented by the designer of the brand Victoria Joniene, who becomes the Designer of the Year in Latvia for the second year in a row. The show in Smolensky Passage will be held on April 20th within the BOSCOFAMILY’s project "At the forefront of Russian fashion".
She will tell the founder of PEOPLETALK Laura Jugelia about the new anniversary collection of the brand, the sources of inspiration and creative process, as well as answer the guests' questions and personally sel ect unforgettable spring looks for those who wish.
The SS'17 collection, presented at BOSCOFAMILY in Smolensky Passage, is the tenth anniversary collection of NOLO brand, appreciated by fashionable critics within the London Fashion Week. In fact, it retained the brand's essence despite the urgent character. Its main storyline is about a modern port and its routine. It is certainly an unusual treatment of the "sea theme", without which any summer can do!
The landscape of the harsh, industrial architecture of berths and ships, the skyward contours of port cranes inspired the designer for the creation of geometric shapes, removable and over-sized asymmetric parts, as well as a variety of hoods, ties and straps. Workers' coats, aprons, bulky functional pockets, armlets and overalls were taken from the working clothes of dockers, port loaders and sailors, which were transformed into comfy and stylish city clothes.
The colors of the collection are about expressive palette of sea, sky, ropes, bags, containers for cargo transportation and a variety of port uniforms of course: white, ecru, blue, as well as khaki, beige & navy blue.
The collection features the variety of complex ensembles: skirts, tops, shorts, dresses, jackets can be combined in different variations or worn separately.
A bold mix of daring street style, austere uniforms, urban chic and male minimalism makes the collection urgent, bold yet versatile. This allows us to emphasize the inner strength & fragile femininity of NOLO girl.

Smolensky Passage now offers articles fr om the collections of Russian designers who have hold themselves out: Rasario, Maison ESVE, Laroom, CHAPURIN, Sergey Sysoev, Victoria Andreyanovа, Yanina, Chapurin, Birukov, Poustovit, Galina Pozolko, Izeta, Girlpower, Katya Dobryakova and many others.
All designers who have joined friendly BOSCOFAMILY, will tell about themselves, their brands and answer guests' questions in the warm ambience of Smolensky Passage space. headed by Laura Jugelia is the media partner of "At the forefront of Russian fashion" project.

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