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28 November
La Prairie corner in ARTICOLI by BOSCO VESNA
Swiss brand La Prairie opened the new beauty and luxurious care space in ARTICOLI by BOSCO VESNA in Novy Arbat. A cocktail party featuring many Russian celebs was arranged in honor of this event. 
The guests of the evening got acquainted with the new aid - Skin Caviar Absolute Filler from the legendary caviar collection, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. They also appreciated the new La Prairie corner, made in white and silver - the La Prairie branded colors.
La Prairie, which has been synonymous with luxury for a long time, is about innovations, high quality, impeccable service and Swiss heritage. The brand keeps adherence to the absolute perfection of form and content, combining the highest standards of scientific technologies, innovative formulas, offering  them in exquisite packs.
See you in the new La Prairie corner at ARTICOLI by BOSCO VESNA in Novy Arbat!
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