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7 December
Air-Fairy New Year in GUM
Traditionally, GUM puts on a special festive attire with the onset of winter. This time, its New Year clothes are literally airy. White clouds, bizarre old air balloons, dirigibles and air ships with baskets full of gifts are under the famous glass dome. Golden bridges with openwork arches are reminiscent of  the halls of the first Moscow railway stations, and the carved weathercocks on Christmas trees show the set of wind.
This is how our ancestors imagined the perfect city of the future. So, we got a kind of vintage futurism. Now, almost in 2018, it is hard to believe, but the first balloon filled with warm air was invented and raised in the air by the brothers Etienne and Joseph Montgolfier in 1783 - these very "hot air balloons" recreated by the sketches and engravings, froze over the lines of GUM. 1859 is considered the year of air mail appearance. Long zeppelins were used to transport letters by air. Their smaller copies can be seen next to a huge Christmas Tree "in the center of GUM near the fountain". More than a hundred years later, we are happy to plunge into this fictitious time and reinvent the world, as any miracles and the most incredible coincidences are possible in the festive New Year time.
The main GUM tree is 15 meters high. It is decorated with a scattering of twinkling lights, ribbons of sparkling garlands, toy flying ships and balloons, and traditionally installed in the heart of the store. New Year's Fair offering a variety of festive ornaments and souvenirs bustles under its foot.
It's time to go for Christmas gifts! The goods to the festive New Year's table - indispensable champagne, delicious cakes and mandarins are offered at Gastronome No. 1, where you can find the products of the best Russian farmers and small eco-farms as well. The bestsellers are in beautiful wicker baskets.
They say that only incorrigible sentimentalists and those who are really happy fly in the dream. Perhaps it is so - but we decided to make these dreams come true by the New Year and Christmas Holidays. You are welcome to fly in GUM!
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