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24 March
“Life is short, so every day should be filled with beauty": Smolensky Passage has hosted the public talk of designer Igor Chapurin
BOSCOFAMILY space at the second level of Smolensky Passage is "At the forefront of Russian fashion" since December 2016. This is the name of the new BOSCO DI CILIEG’sI project. Russian designers whose collections have joined the friendly BOSCOFAMILY tell about themselves, their brands and talk with guests. On March 23rd Igor Chapurin’s turn came. He is the founder and the head of CHAPURIN fashion house.
Igor Chapurin is one of the most popular and recognizable persons even among those who are far from the fashion world. This evening he have sincerely answered all questions of the founder of PEOPLETALK Laura Jugelia and numerous guests.
CHAPURIN brand celebrates its 20th anniversary and its founder is to celebrate his 50th anniversary next year. But despite this, the designer does not loose youth maximalism & creative fervor. In addition to clothing lines, he designs costumes for the Bolshoi Theater and the Mariinsky Theater, he is engaged in interior design, has launched cosmetics and ski clothing lines... Igor Chapurin is a multi-faceted personality and one of those designers who can be classified as a philosopher. The guests of Smolensky Passage listened to his reflections on fashion, life, future projects and sources of inspiration with bated breath.
Smolensky Passage now offers articles from the collections of Russian designers who have hold themselves out: Rasario, Maison ESVE, Laroom, SERGEY SYSOEV, NOLO, Yanina, Chapurin, Birukov, Poustovit, Victoria Andreyanova, Galina Pozolko, Izeta, Girlpower, Katya Dobryakova and many others.
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