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4 March
The Flower Bazaar at Passage is officially open!

The Petrovka Passage is holding its third traditional flower bazaar on March 3-9. A number of familiar faces were among the first people to visit the venue, walk around the palatial halls and buy flowers for themselves and their loved ones: Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė, Karina Andolenko, Polina Askeri, Rinal Mukhametov with his family, Elizaveta Atzamasova, Natalya Podolskaya, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Albina Zhambaeva, Valery Syutikin, Ekaterina Strizhenova with her daughter Sacha, Yulia Baranovskaya!

While it is still chilly and snowy outside, the Passage interiors are fully decorated with flowers: tulips in different shades, yellow mimosas, violet irises, snow-white lilac, as well as narcissuses, anemones, amaryllises, roses, and hyacinths. The selection is outstanding, one can buy both ready-to-go bouquets and whole vases of flowers, as well as decorative plants in small pots.

Karina Andolenko:

– I love flowers: tulips, lily-of-the-valley, roses and lilac. I once had a particularly long-standing bouquet of tulips which remained fresh for an unusually long time. Flowers are connected with different festivities, and I am always glad to receive flowers.

Ingrid Olerinskaya:

– I am crazy about tulips, for me these flowers are the true symbol of spring. Moreover, I celebrate my birthday in spring, so I am constantly getting flowers!

Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė:

– I have quite a number of favorite flowers. But I especially love the flowers with which my audience displays its appreciation of my work.

Valery Syutikin:

– We traditionally go to Petrovka Passage in the first days of spring to shop a little and bring joy to the women in our lives. A man must place something before his beloved and marvel at the glow in her eyes. Flowers are sure to have such an effect, no matter whether they are presented on March 3 or March 8.

Ekaterina Strizhenova:

– We, girls, are not particularly picky; a bouquet of flowers is sure to charm us. You can both browse and buy flowers at the Passage. Thank you, Bosco!

Yulia Baranovskaya:

– This shopping center is a must-visit for all people who are tired of winter. When I came in from the street, I immediately wanted to take off my fur coat! Its positively unseemly to admire flowers in a fur coat. The Passage is a perfect place to rest after the long winter. My favorite flowers are peonies and lilac. I don’t like to mix flowers, so I am particularly grateful for the simple decorations that are presented here.

We welcome you to celebrate Spring at Petrovka Passage: special offer – buy 27 tulips for just 999 RUB! The special price is valid up to March 9.

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Articoli by Bosco will introduce a new collection of fragrances and cosmetics on the same days – a perfect addition to your spring bouquets!

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Don’t forget to savor Viennese waffles at Bosco Café.

See you at the Petrovka Passage!

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