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27 March
Max Mara Floral Mood in Crocus City Mall
Let’s get ready for the real, not calendar, spring arrival! Let’s start with the wardrobe by hiding jackets, warm coats and winter sweaters. They should be replaced by light trench coats, pencil skirts, overalls, chiffon blouses and dresses with a floral pattern – just like in the new Max Mara collection. The prints of the iconic Italian brand are about elegant vernal meadow flowers. Their modest charm and fragile beauty are so hard to resist.

On March 31st, Max Mara boutique in Crocus City Mall will be turned into a blooming garden, as if fr om the birthplace of the brand, the Italian province of Emilia-Romagna, wh ere spring has come into its own long time ago. The interior of the store will be decorated with fragrant white heather, thyme, oregano, thistle, lavender and valerian, arranged in pots and vases to create a carefree mood - the best medicine for beriberi.

Especially invited stylist Fabio Gallassi will help the guests to create spring looks this day. Also, work-shops at floristics, treats and freebies are prepared for everyone.

See you at Max Mara in Crocus City Mall!
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