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19 April
The Grand Opening of the GUM-Red-Line Art Show: Trending Art. Contemporary Artists
A large-scale GUM-Red-Line Contemporary Art Exhibition and a gallery of the same name opened on April 18 on Red Square as part of the Cherry Forest Art Festival.
15 Russian artists presented at GUM on Red Square a One Family Exhibition. Here is the list of the art show participants: Vladimir Dubossarsky, Oleg Kulik, AES+F, Andrey Bartenev, Pavel Pepperstein, Gosha Ostretsov, Georgy Totibadze, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Alexander Vinogradov, Sergey Bratkov, Semyon Faibisovich, Aidan Salakhova, Bella Levikova, Irina Korina, Tanya Pioniker.
During the opening ceremony, the Executive Director of the Festival, Edith Kusnirovich, shared her impressions: “For the first time, the Cherry Forest Festival showcases Russian contemporary art of the 21st century, artworks that are being created right now. The exhibition is distinct, novel, and large-scale. The visitors at GUM have a unique opportunity to delve into this art scene and discover it in all its variety: each artist taking part in the GUM-Red-Line exhibition has their individual and instantly recognizable style. Our exhibition is very likely among the first platforms that offer Russian lovers of art a chance to see all types of contemporary visual arts in one space”. 
Avant-garde pavilions encompassing new projects of the stars of Russian contemporary art appeared along the First Line of GUM and around the legendary fountain thanks to architects Dmitry Likin and Oleg Shapiro. The idea of the project was conceived in 2015 when the artists were commissioned artworks for the covers of BoscoMagazine. The original artworks became a basis for the pavilions. The guests of the soiree were enjoying the exhibition objects, paintings, and installations, indulging themselves with red wine, and signature GUM cherry ice cream in a waffle cone. The beverages bySimple were keeping the spirits of the creative elite of Moscow high that night.
Mikhail Kusnirovish, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bosco di Ciliegi Group, was greeting the numerous guests. Among the guests were: Oleg Menshikov, the Artistic Director of the Yermolova Theater in Moscow, actor Leonid Yarmolnik, musician Vladimir Kristovskiy, collectors Tamaz and Ivetta Manasherovs, Director of Shchusev Architecture Museum Elizaveta Likhacheva, Director of the of Moscow Alina Saprykina, Deputy Director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Elena Milovzorova, gallerists Dmitry Khankin, Elena Selina, Irina Filatova, Alina Pinskaya, and Elvira Tarnogradskaya, TV presenters Ksenia Sobchak, Svetlana Abramova, Milana Korolyova, actresses Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Nadezhda Sysoeva, Lyubov Aksyonova, Karina Andolenko, actors Anatoly Bely, Rinal Mukhametov, Sergey Shakurov, journalists Oleg Loshak, Andrey Kolesnikov, and Irada Zeynalova, designer Masha Tzigal, business-women Irina Volskaya, Anna An, stylist Vlad Lisovetz, artist Jackie Tsai, director Vadim Abdarashitov, Director of the Operetta Theater Vladimir Tartakovsky, restaurateur Aram Mnatzakanov, and many others. The guests were encouraged to take photos at Andrey Bartenev’s Let’s Smile Pavilion, so the Multimedia Art Museum Director Olga Sviblova and the Director of the Moscow Contemporary Art Museum Vasily Tzereteli could not resist.
Here are the impressions of the first visitors to the art show:
Victor Loshak – Deputy Director of the Kommersant Publishing House: I am awed by the courage of GUM. Every day they expand the concept of a shopping platform. It could turn into a literary podium, a gallery, a meeting place for friends, the headquarters of an Olympic National Team. All of the above makes GUM not only a different shopping center but a unique Russian institution. I believe that GUM builds up a creative environment around itself.
Leonid Yarmolnik — merited artist of Russia: Today’s opening is cool as always, and it is very contemporary. What Bosco does the best is breaking stereotypes, familiar experiences. In my opinion, GUM is self-sufficient, as it is – it is a one-of-a-kind historic place, a trendy place, but still, they have contrived to pull people out of the stores and bring them to a contemporary art show, and vice versa. Isn’t that a great idea! Mix everything up!
Olga Sviblova. Director of the Multimedia Art Museum: If you have a good selection of artists, the result should be good. Still, there is always a risk. It is a genius installation, and I am very grateful to the architects, curators, who have carefully worked with each of the artists, and to the artists who took it all seriously. It is one of the best installations ever of Korina, Kulik knocked us all off our feet, Faibisovich’s new project is jaw-dropping, GUM is a venue of pure happiness!
Alexey Nemov — Russian gymnast, 4-time Olympic champion: GUM – is fabulous place where different art genres could be housed. It is the center of Russia, the very center of Moscow, and the fact that Russian contemporary art is on display here is phenomenal! Even for those of us who visit GUM regularly it is a big surprise.
Vladimir Kristovskiy — leader of the Uma2rmaH Music Group: I loved Vladimir Dubossarsy’s installation. The idea of creating an art gallery at GUM is excellent! It seems to me that similar art shows can take place here permanently. It will be a “win-win” situation for everybody: the shoppers would be looking at artworks, and the ones who came for the exhibition would pop into the boutiques. 
The Project Director of the GUM-Red-Line Project Igor Kazakov gave a tour to the guests of the GUM-Red-Line Gallery that opened on the Third Floor of GUM. The GUM-Red-Line Gallery occupies a space of 280 SM in the front of GUM. Its windows exit onto the Red Square. This is the actual location of the Henry Brocard Gallery that was opened right here in 1893. The exhibitions of Brocard, a notable Moscow perfume magnate and collector, were displayed for almost ten years and turned GUM – at the time, the Upper Trading Rows – from a prestigious shopping center into one of the most popular leisure venues for the Muscovites. The concerts and artistic soirées that became quite popular gave a boost to the prestige of the shopping center. Contemporary art found its place in the Soviet GUM as well – Vladimir Mayakovsky and Alexander Rodchenko managed the department store’s advertisement campaigns at the beginning of the 1920s.
“To a certain degree, we intend to reach out to the urban environment and introduce the connoisseurs, as well as regular customers of GUM, to the best pieces of contemporary art. For those who probably do not have a clue about contemporary art, it could become a revelation,” - says Igor Kazakov, 
Collectors Tamaz and Ivetta Masherovs, Pierre Brochet, Igor Markin, Dmitry Kovalenko, the founder of the Aksenov Family Foundation Dmitry Aksenov were checking the prices at the Gallery.
The Project Curator Marina Fedorovskaya announced the extensive educational program throughout the art show that embraces guided tours, discussion panels with the artists, a theater performance of the Praktika theater, screenings of movies from Evgeny Mitta’s Contemporary Art Anthology series.
The exhibition will be open until May 28; it is sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover and Mastercard. The gallery will continue to showcase works by new artists who will be recommended by a newly created, highly reputed Expert Committee. Collectors interested in modern Russian art will have a chance not only to see the artworks but also to buy the paintings presented at the gallery. The Gallery will be open to visitors every day, on the Third Floor of First Line of GUM, from 10 till 22.

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