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9 November
Grand Opening of the Malo Boutique at Petrovsky Passage
On November 8, Petrovsky Passage hosted the grand opening of the new boutique by the Italian brand Malo.
By adding a new mono-brand to its gallery, Bosco di Ciliegi becomes the exclusive representative of Malo in Russia. The best cashmere products can be purchased on Floor 1, Line 2 at Petrovsky Passage.
Bastian Mario Stangoni, Malo product director, planned his trip to Moscow on the eve of the boutique opening: "Cooperation with Bosco was the result of our mutual aspirations with Mr. Kusnirovich and Mr. Andrikopoulos. It is a great honor for us, a real miracle happened – we were able to open a store in less than six months! It took six months fr om the contract conclusion to the store opening; it was all possible due to the efforts of the strong and dedicated Bosco team."
The interior of the boutique at Petrovsky Passage brings the customers into a space wh ere each individual detail reflects the concept of the brand. Clean lines, versatility, simplicity of forms, comfort, and chic are for those who know good cashmere.
We look forward to seeing you at the new Malo boutique, Petrovsky Passage!

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