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14 September
The solemn ceremony in honor of the Bosco Manufactory construction start

The ceremony dedicated to the start of the construction of the Bosco Manufactory complex took place in Kaluga. The project participants wrote their wishes to the future generations on the T-shirt released in the demonstration workshop.

The ground of the Bosco Manufactory complex was broken in Kaluga on September 14th. The project participants wrote their wishes to the future generations on the T-shirt released in the demonstration workshop. The T-shirt became a symbol of the new production in Kaluga. A special capsule with the T-shirt was laid in the foundation of the future complex.

The agreement on cooperation within the investment project for the siting of the Bosco Manufactory on the territory of the Kaluga Region was signed in December 2017 by the Governor of the Kaluga Region Anatoly Artamonov and the head of the Bosco di Ciliegi group of companies Mikhail Kusnirovich. The opening of the factory is planned for May 2019.
The Bosco group of companies is aimed at developing the production base in Russia, moving the light industry production fr om abroad, where luxury brands traditionally sew their products, to Russia and enter the international market. The construction of the factory for 900 employees will create new jobs, which is beneficial for the economic development of the region. Alfa-Bank has provided the credit for the project.

The total area of ​​the Bosco Manufactory complex is 16 000 m2. The total production capacity of the complex is over 3,500,000 knitwear and 120,000 outerwear high quality garments per year.
The main range of the factory is about knitwear and down jackets. The production complex is provided with the opportunity to develop and produce equipment for sports teams, personnel and volunteers of major competitions and championships in accordance with the world standards. The Bosco group of companies plans to produce outfit for pioneer camps in Kaluga, including the flagship Artek project as well as for many other significant events and facilities.

Mikhail Kusnirovich, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Bosco di Ciliegi Group of Companies:
Now there are those who have come up with it and those who are building it, in order that the next year 923 seamstresses could work here. This will be the flagship of the light industry. To be honest, it will be the largest one not only in the Central Federal District, but probably, in the Russian Federation as well. It is the most modern, ​​high-tech, automated. And even taking into account the automation, we need 923 people to create beauty here. We plan to produce T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, down jackets, which are in demand, because Russia is the Northern Country. It is possible to make comfy & quality clothes of our down. We are ready to be the legislators of fashion, technology and style in this field as soon as we are able to show the level of our preparation. This applies to the building itself, the equipment to be installed, and the qualifications of the staff. We will work to attract other brands to become their production site. And this will be proud in itself.

Igor Shchegolev, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District
According to the President, economic & industrial growth is one of the main conditions for the development of the social sphere, for the welfare of our citizens. And the Kaluga region has long been a leader in attracting investments. There are automobile, pharmaceutical & metallurgical enterprises. Agriculture is developing. Now it aspires to become the leader in consumer goods manufactoring. From the very beginning, Bosco garments were associated with Olympians’ outfit. But it has already gone beyond that long time ago and has become popular among different generations. Good specialists are needed to make these clothes. They should design it, sew & control the quality. It is very pleasant that they chose Russia. Investments and similar projects come to the Kaluga region not by chance. Very good conditions have been created here. Over 100 enterprises of various sizes and directions have been launched in 12 years, tens of thousands of jobs were created. And another one thousand will be added with this project. Therefore, I would like to congratulate those who accept this project, and those who came up with this project, and those who will implement this project.

Anatoly Artamonov, the Governor of the Kaluga Region
The project, which is being laid today, is really important. We produce a lot of various products, but people do not see them. Wh ere is it, for what purpose it is? And these products are for people, for a person, so that the one could live comfortably, surrounded by beauty creating the mood. Nowadays, we talk a lot about the life quality, which is formed from the things around us. Bosco products are known all over the world, and the factory will be one of the largest centers of its production. And Mikhail Kusnirovich does a great honor to us. We are grateful to him for the trust that has been put in our region.


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