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1 June
The Merchant Of Venice: olfactory music
The new collection of fragrances La Fenice from The Merchant Of Venice is a perfumer dedication to one of the main symbols of Venice, La Fenice opera house established in 1792. Thanks to its excellent acoustics, magnificent interior and quality of productions it received the fame of one of the most important opera houses in the world immediately. Melodious La Fenice compositions create harmony between music and olfactory perception, paying homage to Venetian culture and art.
La Fenice Pour Femme fragrance is softened by gentle hawthorn and heliotrope shades, as well as by the notes of almond blossom and tonka beans. A note of tuberose is in its heart. It is supplemented with fresh tangerine. The composition is ended by the chords of cedar and vanilla.
La Fenice Pour Homme fragrance features tart, green and spicy shades. The elegance of La Fenice is emphasized by the subtle notes of violet leaves, apple blossom, olibanum and tangerine. The spicy chord is softened by powdery shades of the violet root, echoing the sound of the feminine fragrance. The base of the composition is formed by the notes of cedar, musk and amber.
The flavors are in-store. You are welcome to ARTICOLI by BOSCO!
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